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Social Finance

Sir Ronald Cohen co-founded Social Finance Ltd in 2007, and was its Director until the establishment of Big Society Capital in April 2012. He also co-founded and is a Director of Social Finance US and Social Finance Israel. 

Social Finance UK is a London-based organisation created in 2007 with the aim of developing a social investment market in the UK. The organisation provides access to capital and advice to investors and social sector entities interested in delivering social impact.

Social Finance UK is the creator of the Social Impact Bond (SIB). In September 2010, Social Finance launched a six-year SIB pilot scheme in Peterborough that will see around 3,000 short term prisoners from Peterborough prison, serving less than 12 months, receiving intensive interventions both in prison and in the community.

Social Finance US is the Massachusetts-based sister-organisation of Social Finance UK and was launched in January 2011. The organisation seeks to bring SIBs to the US market. In May 2011, Massachusetts became the first state in the nation to formally explore social impact bonds when Governor Deval Patrick's administration issued a Request for Information (RFI) to seek public input into how best to implement SIBs in the Commonwealth.

Social Finance Israel was co-founded by Sir Ronald, in 2013, as Israel's first dedicated social financial intermediary, with the aim of taking a leading role in the creation and growth of the impact investing sector in Israel. Supported by the success of its sister organizations,  Social Finance Israel is utilizing the unique benefits of the Israeli eco-system as a “start-up nation” to support, create and export innovative social and financial solutions, such as Social Impact Bonds.